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Annika Kahm

Annika Kahm has been treating eating disorders and disordered eating for over 35 years. She has co-authored four books and is a member of The Academy of Eating Disorders, the National Eating Disorder Association, and the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals. She learned how to use metabolic testing in combination with body composition analysis from Carolyn Hodges Chafee.

The two wrote Measuring Health from the Inside to show eating disorder professionals and patients how incredibly helpful these machines are in eating disorder treatment. In her teens and early twenties, Annika herself suffered from eating disorders, Anorexia, and Bulimia, and has devoted her life to helping those who suffered as she once did.

Nick Kahm

Her son, Nick Kahm, was a member of the philosophy faculty at St. Michael’s College, in Colchester, VT. He has published a book and several articles on the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas. Although still passionate about teaching, philosophy, and scholarship, many facets of their academic life did not suit him and his wife and three kids.

Growing up hearing story after story of how Annika saved people’s lives using Metabolic Testing and Body Composition Analysis, Nick convinced his mother that the two of them should start the Kahm Clinic to train other dietitians to use these machines so that they could help more people with eating disorders. The two of them started the Kahm Clinic while he was still a professor of philosophy, but he has since moved from academia to running the practice. The two love working together and building something unique that can help many people.

Kahm Center for Eating Disorders with Annika and Nick

We are thrilled to open the Kahm Center for Eating Disorders because there is such a tremendous need for IOP/PHP services in Vermont. We truly believe that if you add the testing to good IOP/PHP treatment, we will be able to create a superior program. It’s simple: when people are malnourished, therapy is ineffective because a starved brain does not work well. Because we can more effectively re-nourish people, the therapy will work better.
We are thrilled about the experience and expertise we have brought to our team here in Vermont. We are also thrilled to be a small private Vermont mother-and-son business.
At the Kahm Center we are able to be a patient-centered facility that focuses on providing the best care for the individual struggling based on their individual needs. Group sizes remain small, staff are well-trained, and each patient has an individualized treatment plan.
We are dedicated to maintaining a focus on our patient's well-being and their journey toward recovery from eating disorders. Our goal is to foster a small, family-like environment that is intimate and embodies excellence in care right here in Burlington. We believe this approach is essential in providing the supportive community our patients need for their recovery.
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