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for eating disorders

We provide state-of-the-art treatment in a family operated and nurturing environment designed to help you recover and live the full life you were always meant to live. We keep our group sizes small so that treatment is centered on you and real community is formed. We offer unparalleled meal support, and because we can get you nourished faster, therapy works better, and treatment outcomes are improved.

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Our Story

The Kahm Center for Eating Disorders is a small mother and son owned and operated Vermont practice. The mother, Annika, has been treating eating disorders and disordered eating for over 35 years. She has co-authored four books and is a member of The Academy of Eating Disorders, the National Eating Disorder Association, and the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals. She has been using metabolic testing in combination with body composition analysis to treat eating disorders for over 20 years.

The son, Nick, was a member of the philosophy faculty at St. Michael’s College, in Colchester, VT. Nick heard story after story of how Annika saved people’s lives using Metabolic Testing and Body Composition Analysis. Nick convinced his mother that they should start the Kahm Clinic to train other dietitians to use these machines to better serve those with eating disorders.

We are thrilled to open this center because there is a tremendous need for these services in Vermont. Adding the body composition analysis and metabolic testing for eating disorder treatment, we believe, will make our center superior. When people are malnourished, therapy is ineffective because a starved brain does not work well.

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Our Services

IOP for Eating Disorders

Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) for eating disorders is a type of care that provides more intensive treatment than traditional outpatient therapy but does not require 24-hour monitoring like inpatient treatment. IOP can be an effective alternative to inpatient care, particularly for patients who have a lower level of severity or who have completed inpatient treatment and are ready to transition to a less restrictive level of care.

IOP treatment usually consists of 3-hour long sessions 5 days per week depending on each patient’s needs. If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, at The Kahm Center we can assist you with professional help. Recovery is possible with the right level of care and support.

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PHP for Eating Disorders

Partial hospitalization program (PHP), is a type of treatment that is typically used for patients with eating disorders who do not need to be hospitalized but still require close medical supervision. There are many benefits of PHP treatment for eating disorders, such as intensive treatment while still being able to live at home and go to school or work, gain weight in a safe and controlled environment, and develop healthy coping skills and learn how to manage their disorder in a real-world setting.

PHP treatment usually consists of 5-hour long sessions 5 days per week depending on each patient’s needs. If you or a loved one is in need of this type of treatment, reach out to us at The Kahm Center and we can gladly assist you with the process. We will be able to assess your needs and make recommendations based on your individual situation.

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